Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My apologies to my Mom

I know that I am getting it back as good as I gave it. I'm truly sorry for all the things I did as a teenager. I get it now. Really.

I woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of leaves. We had a pretty good breeze going and I could hear the sound of Fall through my open window. Next, will come the smell. I'll walk out of the house one day and I will get a nose full of the crisp, clean air of autumn. It smells like Halloween to me.

Most people consider Spring the season of renewal. I think it comes at the end of the year. Fall sweeps through, getting rid of summer's green and Winter wipes the slate clean...well, depending on where you live (I can't imagine Christmas in the southern states).

Sure, everything is reborn in Spring, but I feel the newness much sooner. Fall brings new books, classes, pens and pencils. There are new clothes, new teachers, and new book bags. For me, Fall is a fresh start.

Maybe that's exactly what my 16 year-old needs.


Anonymous said...

Good judgement call! This might just be what makes her feel better. Have you shared your thoughts of renewel with her? How do you suppose this will go over with her. Ya know, teens have a different way of thinking than we as adults do, so I'd be curious to know how she reacts to such change. We mommies of teens gotta stick together, right?!?!

Andy Egizi, Program Coordinator said...

I'm thinking that most of your story is happening off camera - which is not to suggest that you need to share the whole story. I'm just empathizing with the feeling that sometimes it's better to wax philosophic.

The Girl Kind of Shawn said...

Jsgirl - We usually go through phases. The argument phase, the "you just don't understand me so I'm not going to talk to you" phase, and eventually we get to the "let's start over" phase. She loves to wipe the slate clean and so do I. And yes, we MUST stick together or I fear we may not survive it! :)

Andy - I don't know which is harder: being a teen or being the parent of a teen. It's almost as maddening a question as the chicken and the egg conundrum.